Our Past Puppies

Our maltese puppies are raised in our home with veterinary care, quality food, lots of love and attention.

We provide excellent references and have many repeat clients.  We offer a health guarantee and a lifetime of re homing should you no longer be able to care for your Maltese puppy.
Because maltese are very small it is best look at all aspects of owning this breed. Maltese are not for everyone. They are fragile, need a lot of coat care and require a lots of time and attention, affection, a pleasant environment, quality food, and appropriate vet care. 

maltese matchmaker newborn

teacup maltese puppy Tcup MM

teacup maltese baby mm









maltese matchmaker puppyteacup maltese puppy sitting down

tiny maltese puppy on pavers MM

maltese puppy female teacup MM

maltese puppy daisy 2

maltese female puppy blog board

reindeer maltese puppy male mm logo

maltese female pinkmaltese female sisters togethercute teacup male puppyperfect little teacup maltese puppy maltesematchmaker resizedtiny male maltese puppy bluemaltese tiny boymaltese puppies group femalecute maltese puppies outside basket


Maltese puppy sweater maltesematchmakerfemale maltese baby in brown plush bed MaltesematchmakerMaltese puppy pavers collagelittle maltese puppy striped shirtmaltese puppy rose petals pastel mmLola Maltese cute female puppyteeny male maltese puppy maltesematchmakermaltese high heel fashion vertical

maltese teacup cutie

dolly puppy baby

Maltese puppies October 2014 board

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