Health Guarantee


All puppies will be sold with a FL State Health Certificate and up-to-date vaccines given from our veterinarian to ensure the health of your pet at time of pickup/delivery. The puppy is guaranteed for its first year of life against severe, untreatable life threatening congenital/hereditary: heart, liver and lung defects only. Any accused untreatable life threatening defects (heart – liver- lung) during first year of life mentioned above, must be filled out in full report by the buyers veterinarian with evidence and proof. This report must be sent to our practicing veterinarian for her confirmation and agreement before any decisions will be made. Her agreement as a specialist veterinarian is needed or no replacement will be considered. The puppy must be sent back to us. Buyer understands that this replacement request will take time and wait period only begins after the prior puppy has been sent back to us safely. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs on the return of the puppy and the replacement puppy. In the event of death, an autopsy is required to be completed through UC Davis Animal Diagnostics in California, USA (only acceptable laboratory for our necropsy purposes regardless of where buyer resides) and the full report must be sent to our vet for final determination of the cause of death. If this autopsy described in detail above is not performed for whatever reason or is deemed inconclusive by our practicing vets interpretation, the guarantee is null and void and no puppy replacement will be considered. This guarantee does not include hernias, proper bite alignment, testicle descending, internal parasites including but not limited to Coccidia or Giardia, non ability to reproduce as our puppies are guaranteed and sold as companion pets, we explicitly do not cover hypoglycemia or death because of hypoglycemia.  Prolonged or repeated hypoglycemic attacks in puppies can cause brain damage which we do not cover.  We do not cover tracheal collapse, nor injuries due to an open fontanel.  We also do not guarantee against luxating patella’s as there are far too many reasons that may cause this. The guarantee does not cover adverse reactions to vaccines, nor does our warranty cover medications reactions, or any complications resulting from surgery. Any intravenous sedation during the first year of life will nullify this warranty as puppies should only be sedated through gas sedation (Any claim will be investigated by seller to ensure that puppy has never received intravenous sedation). If it is not a life threatening – heart, liver, lungs, genetic/hereditary issue, it is not part of this guarantee. No warranty will be given if the puppy is euthanized without our consent.

MalteseMatchmaker can only estimate adult weight of puppy.  For that reason no guarantee is made for the weight, aesthetic changes of any kind, structure (size) changes of puppy when they reach maturity.

Buyer(s)agrees to have puppy checked by their vet within 48 hours of obtaining puppy. Failure to have this check-up will void this health guarantee. To avoid contagious diseases and infections, the buyer(s) is advised to keep puppy at home and away from outside areas and animals, until the dog is fully vaccinated (your veterinarian will give you a recommended schedule).

All warranties given are voided one year from the birthdate listed on the health certificate provided at time of purchase.  It is also understood that MalteseMatchmaker is not responsible for any out of pocket expenses for this puppy once he/she has left our care.  We do not reimburse for any expenses, veterinarian care or for any other purpose regarding this puppy once the puppy has been sold.

Buyer has read and agreed upon our terms provided on our website and understands that seller does not issue cash refunds. Not for deposits, not for any expenses incurred, nor for full payment or any other reason.

This warranty only covers a replacement if all conditions stated in this document are met.

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