Meet Little Hobbes.  He is owned by Susan & Barry..

Susan sent me this beautiful email about their sweet little boy, Hobbes:  My husband has declared Hobbes the smartest dog we have ever owned!  It took him one time watching the cat to figure out the doggy door!  Loves the back patio but still not sure about the grass!  He also quickly figured out how to use the various dog steps we have to our bed and furniture!!! Barry was back in the hospital this week and the nurses let Hobbes come visit.  He was perfect and well received!!

susan hobbes mm

February 2016: Been out of town visiting my Grandson, Calvin.  Hobbes did a great job of keeping my husband company.  He is learning to play fetch.  Had his final round of puppy shots and weighs in at 2lbs.  Little bundle of Love!

hobbes vacation mm

Soooo tiny, he still fits in a kleenex box…
hobbes kleenex mm

teeny male maltese priscilla litterteeny male vertical priscilla litterteeny maltese headshot 2

priscilla puppy male verticalpriscilla puppy male