Ally & Cooper

Cooper’s New Sister, Ally


Meet little Cooper. He was handpicked by his new mom & dad… He is very smart and already learning tricks.  He loves to play ball and is always ready to hit the town… He is the center of their world and lives the life most dogs dream of…


Note from Cooper’s Mommy Melinda:
Dear Andrea, Cooper is doing great, he is the LOVE of my life!  There is no way he could be more perfect! Thank you!

cooper IMG_2176mm

Cooper is Living the Life.  He loves boating..

cooper IMG_2181mm

If you just say the word “BEACH”, Little Cooper goes Crazy!!! He LOVES the Beach!

cooper IMG_2178mm

cooper IMG_2180mm

cooper waterfront picture mm

Video Below: Cooper the Maltese puppy practicing tricks for his favorite treat… A carrot.

cooper IMG_0261 maltesematchmaker

cooper IMG_0260 maltesematchmaker

maltese male cute little coopercute maltese boys reserved

maltese reserved for Melinda

reserved for Melinda 2

Little Cooper – all the way on the Left..

cute group of maltese puppies on pavers